My birthday

Today is my 46th birthday. So, many people are joking about the fact that I should only say that I am 39, but actually being 46 doesn’t bother me. Heck, I am going to get a year older anyway so why not enjoy it & CELEBRATE!!

As I get older I seem to enjoy my life more. Maybe I don’t feel the need to have everything or to strive for everything. I know I am very happy with my life. Matt and I love to adventure and travel. We like to try lots of new things and to go to new places. I travel just as much, if not more than I used to when I was single and younger.

Being older gives me a peace with my life that I never had when I was younger. So am I going to pretend I am younger than I am — nope. I am proud of the 46 years I have lived and have loved them all. Woo woo!!


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Fantasy Football vs. Women

Why is it that my friends, both male and female, give me weird looks or even make comments to me or my husband, when they find out that I am in two fantasy football leagues. It is interesting that football is still watched by a male dominated audience or at least, the females that watch are either few in number or are very quiet.

I love football!! I say it proud and loud. I look forward to it all year long and although it is always exciting to watch the Superbowl, I am sad to see the season end. I believe that in my two leagues there is one female playing besides me and she is playing as half of a couple. How sad. 😥

Now I have my ideas as to why many women don’t watch football and definitely don’t play fantasy football.

#1. Their husbands do — and if they have kids it is nice to have someone playing with the kids away from the TV. And if they don’t have kids maybe they are using it as “cave time” too.

#2. It is fairly violent and some people are not into that.

#3. Fantasy football can take some time, especially if you get involved and want to watch as many games as you can to see how your team is doing.

I am lucky enough to have a husband who loves football as much as I do and we love competing against each other in fantasy football. We joke that as Jim Belushi said in his show “According to Jim”, we included in our marriage vows that, “Football trumps family.” I love to just relax with my husband on the couch on Sundays and watch some football.

I hope that everyone who loves football finds their way to enjoy it!!

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Climbing past my limits.

This past July I hiked the High Sierra Trail, part of the Pacific Crest Trail and the John Muir Trail. I hiked with Matt, my sister, Carol, my brother-in-law, Steve and my brother, Tom. We left from Crescent Meadow in Kings Canyon National Park and hiked 60 miles to the top of Mt. Whitney, the highest point in the continental US, then an additional 10 miles down to our exit at Whitney Portal.

Before this hike, I had trained for and completed 2 Sprint Triathlons and I was completely unprepared for this trek. We had planned together and the first day we had decided to hike about 5 miles. I was thinking that this would be an easy day. I mean 5 miles, that is about 1 1/2 hours of fairly slow walking. Well I had not taken into effect the fact that 1) we would be walking uphill the whole way, 2) that I would be carrying 45 pounds on my back and 3) that we were at altitude. Wow, what a difference!!!

When we finally reached the campsite, we had to scale the last 100 yards up a steep incline. Thanks for adding insult to injury. Eek. I was not a happy camper. Dinner, then bed.

The next day we hiked another 5 miles to Bearpaw Meadow. Another day of slow hiking uphill. This time the last mile had an elevation increase of about 800 feet. What is it with the killer endings? When I reached the campsite, again, I was not a happy camper. Our camp was in the woods, surrounded by stumps and everything was on a hill, so we were tilted. Wheeee. I was miserable and had pretty much decided that I was turning around the next day. I was done, stick a fork in me.

My hubby talked me into giving it one more day. Both of us dropped stuff that we did not need. I left probably 5 lbs. of stuff and Matt left about 10 lbs. We put the stuff in the bear box with a sign that said “FREE”. Then Matt and I left a bit earlier than everyone else and headed out on the 6 mile hike to Hamilton Lake. Well the views were beautiful, the dropped weight was very noticeable, and walking with my hubby was fun. We hooked up with everyone else around lunch and were able to enjoy the visits of deer. The campsite at Hamilton Lake was gorgeous: flat, right on the lake, surrounded by mountains. I did not cry myself to sleep!! Although a deer scared me to death when I got up in the middle of the night to pee.

The rest of the trip was hard, very, very hard but we made it. The day hiking to the top of Mt. Whitney was the hardest thing I have ever done. I was also able to do one of the most meaningful things I have ever done when I was up there. I spread some of my Dad’s ashes on the top. I mean without my Dad sharing his adventuresome spirit, we wouldn’t have been there.

Am I glad that I did the trip? Yes. I pushed every limit I had put on myself.
Would I do it again? Not this exact trip. It was too long and I was carrying too much weight.
Do I want to backpack again? Yes. I would love to do a weeklong trip in either the Cascades or the Tetons, but I will prepare better.

I learned a lot on this trip and during the weeks since, but the most important thing that I knew, but was strongly reinforced on this trip, is that my husband is there for me when I need him. He was such an amazing support for me. I could not have done it without him.


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A missed friend.

This past weekend, I said goodbye to a great friend.  Rich Green passed away on Christmas Eve, but we celebrated his life with a “Beat the Doldrums” Caribbean party this past weekend.  Rich lived so fully, we all decided that he lived his 90 years of life in the 54 years he was on earth.

We love you Rich.  You are sorely missed.  We all figure that you are up in heaven inviting people in,

“Come on in.  It’s a party!!”  “Wanna dive?”

Be at peace, Rich.

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